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With Dr. Liau’s help, I beat brain cancer. I can continue
to practice law and my love for surfing

Jamil Newirth (left), with Dr. Linda Liau (center) and
Ted Gagliano (right)

Our Inspiration

Patients are the heart and soul of the Golden Portal Awards. Using an integrated approach to research and clinical care, UCLA Neuroscientists are able to treat and diminish the devastating effects of neurological diseases such as brain cancer, aneurysms, vascular malformations and stroke. The stories of tenacity and bravery are what fuel the physicians, scientists and sponsors alike to do their part in ending brain cancer.

Meet Jamil Newirth.

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Ted Gagliano & Loic Bailly


Golden Portal Awards

Schawn Belston
Ken Blancato
Shannan Burkley
Fred Chandler
Jules Daly
Cyril Drabinski
James Finn
Darlene Gorzela
David Greenbaum
Jeffrey Harlacker
Joe Hartwick
Marcie Jastrow
Cristina Mancini Jones
Mike Kanfer
John Kilkenny
Martha McCully
Greg Mueller
Karen Rosenfelt
Ted Schilowitz
William Sherak
David Wanamaker
Dana Walden
Matt Walden

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