The Golden Portal Awards is an annual event benefiting UCLA’s Brain Tumor Program, which provides critical resources for clinical trials that will someday lead to a cure for malignant brain tumors. The awards recognize and honor the art and science of film and medicine.

The event was launched in 2012 by Ted Gagliano and Loic Bailly. Funds raised help advance the work of UCLA’s extraordinary brain cancer researchers as they work to develop the ultimate in personalized brain cancer therapies — a vaccine created from a patient’s own tumor that then trains the immune system to recognize and destroy their unique brain cancer cells.

Ted Gagliano and Loic Bailly



Ted Gagliano serves as a member of the UCLA Neurosurgery Board of Advisers and is president of Feature Post Production at 20th Century Fox, responsible for the completion of more than 30 films per year from its four production divisions.

During his career, he has overseen post production on more than 500 Fox films, including “Titanic,” “Independence Day,” “Master and Commander,” “Walk the Line,” as well as the “Star Wars,” “X-Men,” and “Ice Age” franchises. In recent years, Ted oversaw the complex post production of the groundbreaking hits “Prometheus,” “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” and James Cameron’s “Avatar.”

Because of his experience on “Avatar,” Ted is a believer in the convergence of motion picture science and innovative medical technologies that utilize advances in light and sound. He is the lead backer of iGuide Surgical Systems, which uses LED devices and new imaging technology for minimally invasive cosmetic surgery, and US HIFU, which uses high intensity focused ultra sound to treat prostate cancer.


Loic Bailly is originally from France where he built a successful career in healthcare for companies such as Sanofi and Johnson and Johnson. He moved to the US in 2011 to start a career in the entertainment industry. Loic is currently working at 20th Century Fox TV Distribution as a Worldwide Marketing Manager, responsible for creating strategies and international marketing opportunities for shows such as Glee, Modern Family, Homeland, The Simpsons, and 24.

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